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An Automotive Giants Digital – Salesforce Implementation

  • Challenge

    The digital divison of an automotive giant in US, Mexico, and Japan, is embarking on a Salesforce application implementation to boost customer service capabilities. This project primarily focuses on efficiently managing issues related to Lost/Stolen Cards, ETC Cards, Charge Cards, and the Points Exchange processes. However, the company is currently grappling with several challenges:

    • Manual Process Reliance: Predominant use of Excel sheets for operations, leading to a manual-intensive workflow.
    • Complex Business Processes: Existing processes are intricate, making customer satisfaction a challenging goal.
    • Operational Inefficiency: The current systems and processes lack efficiency.
    • Fragmented Feedback Integration: The feedback mechanism is not well integrated due to the physical distance between departments and the involvement of multiple departments.
  • Solution

    In response to these challenges, this global automotive company, collaboration with Hitachi Digital Services, took Salesforce implementation journey. The objectives of this implementation are:

    • Enhanced Customer Communication: Streamlining interactions between customers and Customer Center.
    • Transition to Salesforce Platform: Shifting from manual processes to a more automated and integrated Salesforce environment.
    • Technical Advancements:
      • Incorporation of the Salesforce Lightning component for a better user experience.
      • Multilingual support to cater to a diverse customer base.
      • Integration with existing ERP databases for cohesive operations.
      • A robust Case Management system for improved issue tracking and resolution.
  • Outcome

    This initiative marks a significant step forward in modernizing company’s customer service approach. The Salesforce implementation has led to several significant improvements:

    • Automated Processes: More streamlined operations, particularly in managing cases of lost/stolen cards.
    • Simplified Rewards/Redemption: Easier and more user-friendly rewards and redemption processes.
    • Enhanced Customer Visibility: Greater insight into customer interactions and history.
    • Operational Ease: Simplified operational processes for staff.
    • Increased Customer Satisfaction: The overall quality of service delivery has been enhanced, leading to higher customer satisfaction levels.

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