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Customer Story

EV Depot Planning and Implementation

  • Challenge

    This is a multi-phased project for a major business unit of a large media & communications company which is looking to transition their fleet of vehicles to EVs.  This initiative is the result of a corporate mandate in which they plan to be carbon neutral within the next 10 years.


    • Per corporate mandate, this plans to be carbon neutral within the next 10 years.
    • A large component to achieving carbon neutrality is the transition to EVs (Electronic Vehicles) and energy optimization initiatives.
  • Solution

    • Planning & Conceptual Design for the energy related technology infrastructure, including chargers, solar, battery energy storage, etc.
    • Delivery and Commissioning of Hitachi Energy Grid-eMotion level 3 chargers to charge their new fleet of EV vehicles
    • Implementation of e-mesh software to manage the charging of their vehicles as well as optimize their energy utilization.
    • Battery Energy Storage
  • Outcome

    • A showcase for the organization and demonstrate its commitment to sustainability, by significantly reducing carbon footprint.
    • It will also provide a sizeable financial ROI via “peak shaving” of demand charges.
    • In addition, it will provide a quieter, more pleasant experience for their drivers and riders

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