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Customer Story

IoT Insights and Outcomes and Performance Optimization for a Major Media and Entertainment Conglomerate

  • Challenge

    The client is a major Media and Entertainment Conglomerate that wanted real-time and predictive insights about operations of attractions and shows.


    • Create data-driven insights for enhanced operational efficiency
    • As technology grows in sophistication, so do the attractions at this conglomerate. The latest attractions generate huge volumes of data daily. Client desired to use this data to anticipate maintenance needs, thereby maximizing availability and supporting the guest experience.
    • A key challenge was that different attractions utilize different electromechanical, industry control and drive systems, whose data outputs need to be analyzed, all in the same place. This meant that any new solution had to offer an open ecosystem.
    • Client required real-time, granular sensor data and analytics to optimize performance and operations as well as predict maintenance issues.
  • Solution

    • The team at chose to implement Lumada solutions for IoT, data management and analytics at several attractions, choosing to work with this technology for its potential to provide high-value operational insights in real time. The flexibility and openness of the platform was a key factor to help continuous innovation with data and build on their legacy of bringing immersive storytelling experiences to life through technology.
    • Client valued Hitachi’s vision of Social Innovation, which is to help customers extract more value from their data while powering societal good.
    • Deployment of tens of thousands of IIoT sensors on rides
    • Data fed into Hitachi’s Lumada platform, where a range of analytics to reveal insights and alerts pertaining to attraction operations.
  • Outcome

    • Increased attraction availability, high customer satisfaction and reduced operating costs.
    • Flexible, open data and insight platform supporting collaboration.
    • Real-time alerts and predictive maintenance maximize attraction availability.
    • Enhanced efficiency and availability reduce operating costs.

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