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Smart Fleet Management Development

Smart Fleet Management Development
  • Challenge

    This customer provides sophisticated solutions for a million truck drivers daily. Hitachi Digital Services were engaged to help the customer to design, develop, test and support products and provide experts to work with customer to build end-to-end solutions and software packages.


    • Complicated software package that supports drivers, compliance, and fleet management.
    • Must comply with federal compliance including Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate.
    • To develop Asset Location Tracking and Navigation
    • Prepare pre- & post-trip inspection reports
  • Solution

    • Hitachi provided software engineers and software architect to work with customer from end-to-end solutions
    • Provide our large software engineering development and testing workforce and experts
    • A dedicated team to support  customer’s end-users 24/7
  • Outcome

    Value Delivered:

      • Total Smart Fleet management engineering team development and support
      • Reduce effort for launching product to market
      • Save cost by more than 50% versus their competitors

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