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Smart Manufacturing and Industrial

Revolutionize manufacturing processes with Hitachi Smart Spaces, harnessing the power of video intelligence to optimize operations, ensure safety compliance, and elevate productivity, providing manufacturers with a competitive edge in the digital era.

Smart Manufacturing and Industrial

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As pervasive technologies, like AI, IoT, and computer vision, continue to transform the way we view and manage the spaces around us, more organizations are leveraging these technologies to advance and improve everything from sustainability to operational efficiency. Here’s how you can, too.

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Analytics In Motion


Reduce Downtime

Experience up to a 30% reduction in infrastructure downtime through predictive maintenance enabled by video intelligence.


Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Achieve operational efficiency gains of up to 25% by optimizing facility team operations through smart space solutions.


Operational Insights

Gain actionable insights into operations, leading to a ~20% increase in decision-making accuracy and effectiveness.

Smart Outcomes with Video Intelligence

Enhance Safety

Detect hazards in real-time, prevent accidents, and create a safer work environment with video intelligence.

Proactive Security

Swiftly identify intruders and safeguard assets using advanced video analytics with real-time alerts.

Optimize Operations

Streamline processes, identify anomalies, and boost efficiency through data-driven insights.

Predictive Infrastructure Maintenance

Proactively address critical infrastructure and equipment maintenance, reducing downtime and costs.

Improved Resource Allocation

Optimize workforce deployment, manage assets efficiently, and enhance productivity with actionable analytics.

Customer Stories


Logan Aluminum partners with Hitachi Digital Services to harness the full business value of data

Logan Aluminum

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Logan Aluminum

Manufacturing & Industrial Use Cases


Enhance Safety: PPE Detection

Detect non-compliant PPE use. Real-time alerts ensure worker safety.


Falls & Hazards Detected, Immediate Response

Spot hazards, prevent slips, and detect falls. Hitachi video analytics respond instantly for worker safety.


Pathway Risk Detection

Video analytics identifies blocked pathways and exits, alerting potential hazards for workers.

Smart Vision Session

Reserve a session with a Smart Spaces expert and discover the possibilities of video intelligence in your space.

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