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Judit Mester

Judit Mester

Change Manager

London, United Kingdom

Our client work at Hitachi contributes to the development and wellbeing of society, which has really impressed me

Helping the NHS Improve Patient Care

My role focuses on all aspects of change, from training or communications, to leading change adoption as a whole. I work with our clients to make the connection between key stakeholder groups, internal communications, HR, Learning & Development etc. to deliver change communication. Our EMEA team is a powerful mix of colleagues exchanging best practice and exploring new approaches to change.

My current assignment is a wonderful cause – helping an NHS Trust in Greater Manchester to become more efficient using digital technology, making it easier for staff to deliver care and improve patient experience. We are dealing with a tired organization after many waves of the pandemic, and I enjoy this challenge as it prompts me to find new ways of reaching our target audience.

What’s great about Hitachi

I’ve been with Hitachi for nearly 4 years. In addition to my full-time job, I’ve taken on the role of Skill Development Lead in the practice. When projects end, it’s exciting to see what the next challenge will be. The breadth of our client portfolio provides the opportunity to work on completely different projects and industries, which I love.

Our client work at Hitachi contributes to the development and wellbeing of society, which has really impressed me. And I’d say this is a great aspect about HV.

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Hitachi’s commitment to sustainability and proactiveness to support clients as a social responsibility makes me excited about the future

Mehdi H. Choudhury

Senior Employer Branding Specialist

Bangalore, India

I believed in the idea of a consulting firm in Portugal working directly with Portuguese organizations and knew I’d be working with a great team

Patricia Pereira

Director of Delivery Center

Lisbon, Portugal

Hitachi offers great work-life balance, and flexible working arrangements - from remote to hybrid. If you are interested in comprehensive and competitive perks and benefits, you will find it all here

Kinga Wos-Ryske

HR Strategic Project Manager

Krakow, Poland