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Lynda Brown

Lynda Brown

EMEA Director of Talent Acquisition

Birmingham, United Kingdom

How a People Person Succeeds in Technology

Part two of a two-part profile, read part one here.

Becoming a leader

When I was offered the EMEA Talent Acquisition Director role, my immediate reaction was to say yes, and then worry about whether I had all the required skills later. Luckily it paid off. I eased my worries by focusing on people, building great relationships and being a natural problem solver. The recruitment landscape has evolved, and we are now recognized as a core partner to the business. If we don’t have the right people, we won’t succeed as a company. It can be a tough balance matchmaking two independent parties and getting the right fit. It’s like the meeting of minds. Knowing that the people we bring in are crucial to our company’s success is what drives me and my team.

Championing women

My role provides a platform to meet and know the women employees across our organization. So, it felt completely natural to be a key member of our Women of Hitachi ERG. My career growth has given me insights on how to work your way up. I hope to give the same support I was given. When a new woman employee joins, I want to make sure she has a community and the support to succeed from day one. I want to help people connect; be given opportunities they might not be given elsewhere. My experience has taught me to give people chances — it’s amazing to see how much they can flourish when you do.

Advice to women breaking into technology

Don’t be put off by thinking that you need a tech background. You can build your skills and confidence by learning as you go.

If you’re someone who is excited by tech, then it’s a path you can explore. For me, how technology solves social and business issues is what makes it exciting. We develop real world solutions, like running genome information to determine the characteristics and causes of cancer in individual patients to provide personalized treatment. It’s inspiring, knowing that you are part of something that makes a real difference.  

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