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Monalisa Borah

Monalisa Borah

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Configuration & Implementation (Advanced)

Bangalore, India

Hitachi provides global exposure and the chance, to work on multiple technologies

Being a New College Graduate at Hitachi

I feel extremely honored to be a part of Hitachi, an organization with a rich history of innovation, industry leading technologies, and a solid foundation of values that have sustained success for over 100 years. As the company is focusing on contributing to society through innovation and research, I, as an employee, would love to continue to perform to the best of my abilities and contribute to helping my society and the community. 

The highlight for me would be the hands-on training from various domain experts. Being a recent B-School graduate, I was quite curious about how the training sessions would be as I do not have any hands-on experience in my domain. But just like our classroom experience back in college, here the trainers at Hitachi, provided us with in-depth training sessions and addressed all the doubts and queries. 

My advice to students considering a career at Hitachi

I consider joining Hitachi as a great decision, especially to start my career with. I would highly recommend any new graduate to join us. Hitachi provides you with global exposure, an opportunity to work on multiple technologies, and business aspects based on the department. Hitachi aims for its employees to have a meaningful and rewarding career. The management is incredibly supportive and provides guidance throughout, which helps in building and improving employees’ skillsets and prepares them for the ever-evolving technology sector. And there are ample avenues for employees to own their development and growth. Overall, it is an awesome place to work in when it comes to culture, opportunities, growth, and exposure. 

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It is an awesome feeling when you find the perfect role for you, and I find it amazing that Hitachi is able and willing to let its employees grow through different roles

Anna Pietrucha

Global IT Service Desk EMEA, Manager

Krakow, Poland

I am privileged to work in an organization that embraces a culture of innovation and celebrates diversity

Roxanne Hughes

Sales Operations Manager

London, United Kingdom

The best way is to lead with an example, so that other women know it is possible. I would say guide, mentor, and help them with anything they need

Karolina Wilczynska

Cybersecurity Product Manager

Krakow, Poland