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Rafal Greupner

Rafal Greupner

IT Consulting Practice Area Management Director

Warsaw, Poland

Hitachi’s focus on sincerity, trust, and a pioneering spirit resonates with me deeply.

My journey into technology and current role at Hitachi

My academic background is a mix of Digital Business, International Business Management, Finance, and Project Management. Looking back, I think this mixed background helped a lot in my career and also enabled me to embrace cloud innovation. But I started off my career in IT administration and early on I managed IT tasks while gaining hands-on experience across various aspects of project management and operational strategy. I was also exposed to the nuances of technology domain and its real-world applications.

Now, as a Program Director of Cloud Transformation at Hitachi Digital Services, I lead large-scale Cloud Transformations for our Customers, leveraging the latest in technology to foster innovation and efficiency in their companies. My role is not just about leading programs and portfolio of projects but shaping the future of how businesses leverage technology to gain a competitive edge.

What my team and I do

Our team’s work extends beyond the technical scope and impacts the business strategies our clients deploy. We set up robust cloud-based solutions, enable businesses to enhance operational efficiency as well as help them react faster to market changes. For example, our Cloud Migration Acceleration Program for a big bank in Europe made a real difference in helping them perform better on local markets. This demonstrates our capability to deliver scalable, secure cloud infrastructures. It has also impacted our clients’ performance, beat competition and strengthen their market.

Cultivating a high-performing team

The key to success is ensuring everyone understands our clients’ goals and how our work contributes to achieving them. My “secret sauce” is a blend of open communication, nurturing an environment where all ideas are respected and heard, and a relentless pursuit of aligning our efforts with the customer’s strategic objectives. This ethos not only boosts team engagement but fosters personal investment in our projects’ success, laying a foundation as solid as the very solutions we build. While leading teams in our Cloud capability, I’ve underscored the importance of each role in creating our latest flagship product-our company’s newest intellectual property-that enables clients to begin their cloud transformation journey with us. This approach has been pivotal in enhancing team focus and investment in our collective goals.

What makes Hitachi so different

Hitachi’s focus on sincerity, trust, and a pioneering spirit resonates with me deeply from personal and professional side. I have also enjoyed a higher level of autonomy here. I’ve found opportunities to influence both our customers and the company directly, e.g. I’ve been able to engage with top leaders and board members, offer my insights and even receive mentorship from the President of our company, which is rare for a company of this size.

One key achievement that I cherish the most

I’d say across my extensive career, leading an expansive transformation project for a major bank stands out the most. It significantly uplifted the bank’s operational capabilities, earned us accolades from the Hitachi HQ in Japan. It wasn’t just a big achievement; it showed the trust our clients have in us and the hard work of our team. It’s a reminder of what we can do when we put our minds to it.

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