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Gain total data visibility, harness powerful analytics, and make better data-driven decisions with data modernization services, from edge-to-core-to-multi-cloud.

Data maturity is continuously evolving. Are you?

According to surveys conducted among major enterprises, you’re not alone if you’re struggling to connect data across different clouds, teams, and value chains for better decision-making.


Reported Achieving Transformational Business Outcomes


Failed to Implement an Enterprise Data Governance Model


Reported having Developed a Well-Articulated Data Strategy


Of CIOs will Digitally Empower Front-line Workers with Data, AI and Security

Data Fabric

Connect Data, Ensure Reliability, Optimize Performance

Accelerate your journey to data modernization maturity and move confidently to the cloud with the right software, tools, and expertise.

Drive Strategic Outcomes, Reduce Complexity

Combining a data fabric with integrated DataOps offers the confidence to accelerate your data-driven transformation. Learn more about the benefits.

Building Your Data Fabric With DataOps

Explore how deploying a data fabric architecture enhances your DataOps practices and helps you optimize your end-to-end process automation.

DRE: Conquer Modern Data Challenges

Gain an automated and optimized data ecosystem that enhances business efficiency, accelerates operational excellence, bolsters data resiliency and reliability

Discover Data Lake and Data Warehouse Best Practices

Examine the drivers, challenges, and opportunities for a unified DW/DL and learn about best practices for moving forward.

Accelerate Innovation and Improve Differentiation with Data Lakes

Data lakes enable the democratization of data through self-service access while diminishing compliance challenges and reducing overall time-to-insight.

AI-Driven Insights

Observations About the Generative Approach to AI

Reduce engineering tasks, accelerate code authoring and increase developer productivity to drive product quality, faster development, and consistent product delivery.

Protecting Rainforests with Data and AI: 4 Enterprise Lessons

Develop an AI model based on bioacoustics and data science that can identify potential logging activities before they occur.

Machine Learning Finds a Home in Process Manufacturing

Modern cloud technologies offer many advances to support the reliability, interoperability, and maintainability of ML-based solutions. Explore your options. 

Questions to Ask to Accelerate Edge-to-Cloud AI Strategy Development

Explore the four questions that will help your organization move its edge initiatives forward with confidence and drive business success.

Build your Data Story with a Trusted Leader

Leverage a partner with over 110 years of operational experience, with a global team of more than 1000 data science experts and more than 4500 AI, Analytic & Data Patents, to help you make your AI-driven enterprise a reality.

Industry Influencer

Data Reliability Engineering: An Imperative for Cloud Transformation

Subject Matter Expert

Data Lakehouses: Have you Built Yours?

Customer Stories

Our clients are proving the value of AI-driven business with real stories and real outcomes.


MSRB adopts DataOps principles to build a modern data platform in the cloud and influences the core functions of their business.

Digital Transformation at MSRB (Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board)

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The Indian State of Andhra Pradesh provides an agile and efficient public service delivery system to benefit nearly 50 million citizens through Real Time Governance.

Real Time Governance in the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh


Data Modernization with Hitachi: Build a modern data platform that is extensible, flexible, secure, cost-effective and well-governed.

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