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Integrated Digital Solutions for Transportation and Logistics

Discover how Hitachi Digital Services revolutionizes transportation and logistics with advanced digital solutions. Harness AI, IoT, and big data to streamline operations, reduce costs, and elevate service delivery in a dynamic market

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Inspiring the Next Transportation Revolution

Explore Hitachi Digital Services perspective on where public transportation is headed in the future and how cutting edge technology plays a part in this revolutionary transformation

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Advanced Transportation & Logistics Services

Unlock the full potential of your transportation and logistics operations with Hitachi’s suite of digital solutions. From optimizing fleet maintenance and crew schedules to enhancing route and delivery plans, our technology empowers you to achieve unparalleled efficiency and precision. Explore our advanced solutions designed to streamline your processes, improve decision-making, and drive sustainable innovation in a competitive landscape.

Industrial IoT

IoT System Integration Services offer deep industry domain and IT+OT Data convergence expertise.

Industry 4.0

Optimize manufacturing value chains with intelligence and domain expertise.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Ensure assets and infrastructure perform efficiently, optimally, and safely.

Sustainable Energy

Reduce energy consumption and generate renewable energy on-site.

Smart Spaces

Empower smarter use of resources through increased visibility and control.

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Hitachi Improved Shipping Processes Lowers Costs

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IT/OT Integration Yield’s Better Operational Control for Public Transportation

Large Rail System in APAC

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How Penske and Hitachi Solve Problems Before They Arise



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Vignesh Markandan

Vice President, Manufacturing, Retail, Consumer and Packaged Goods


Vignesh Markandan is the Business head of Manufacturing, consumer good and Retail businesses at Hitachi Digital Services. Over last 20+ years, Vignesh has helped customers solve complex business challenges leveraging modern technology.