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Joshus is the Head of Risk and Compliance at Hitachi Digital Services, with a 20-year track record in the financial services industry. His expertise spans various critical risk domains, including Enterprise, Credit, Market, Operational, Conduct, Reputational, Strategic, Financial, and Compliance, which have been meticulously applied in the dynamic financial services sector. He is a seasoned Financial Services executive with expertise in designing and implementing financial qualitative and quantitative risk management frameworks, financial and credit risk models, pricing and structuring strategies, merger & acquisitions, regulatory reporting environments, and risk market activities and technology infrastructures.

Joshua’s leadership was pivotal during his tenure as the head of global risk and compliance at HCL. His strategic management and guidance successfully transformed teams, enabling efficient and compliant lending operations across various banking products. Under his leadership, the team at HCL achieved a 40% increase in efficiency and a 20% reduction in compliance-related issues.    

Previously, as an Industry Subject Matter Expert at PwC Risk and Assurance Financial Services, Wick offered executive consulting services to the bank, with a specific focus on implementing the company’s enterprise risk management framework. He successfully led the implementation of a new risk management framework, resulting in a 30% reduction in operational risk. His comprehensive approach raised the bar for risk management in the industry and instilled confidence in his clients. 

Before joining Hitachi Digital Services, he held senior positions at large-scale financial institutions.