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Decarbonization Goals. Digital Answers.

Bring a methodology to your sustainability targets with solutions that benefit people and the planet.

Unlock the Power of Sustainability: an MIT Technology Review

Sustainability initiatives may be driven by external pressures, but savvy organizations also recognize their power to mitigate business risk and create opportunities for innovation. Read this executive briefing paper by MIT Technology Review Insights to learn more.

Read the MIT Tech Review

Digital and Environmental Sustainability.

The Benefits Are Within Reach

Reducing your environmental impact is a strategic investment that contributes to global efforts to fight climate change. With the right carbon reduction strategies and planning, the benefits can be significant.

Reduce Risk

Proactively manage climate-associated risks, e.g., supply chain disruptions, weather, and regulatory changes.

Save Money

Reduce your spend by improving energy efficiency and optimizing resources needed to run your business operations.

Improve Reputation

Strengthen your brand image as a socially responsible business and drive differentiation, loyalty and growth.

Challenges to Carbon Reduction Remain

While sustainability transformation is a global priority, businesses face many ongoing challenges.


Lack of a Sustainability or Implementation Strategy


No Access to the Right Sustainability Data


Lack of Access to Sustainability Skills

The Expert Opinion

Hear From the Experts

What happens when you apply digitalization to decarbonization? Watch our conversations with industry leaders, like Hitachi Digital Services’ Samta Bansal, Head of Marketing, and Carlos Elena-Lenz, Hitachi’s lead for sustainability GTM activities.


How ESG Shapes Business, With IDC Research Analyst Dan Versace


Pioneering Sustainability, Together, With Golden Grove’s Wayne Parr


Making it Real, With Hitachi ESG Expert Carlos Elena-Lenz


Sustainable Services and Solutions.

Decarbonizing is a strategic investment that delivers financial benefits and contributes to a more sustainable society and future. With end-to-end sustainability expertise, capabilities and solutions, we can help you reduce carbon emissions and drive sustainability transformation.

Data Sustainability Services

Leverage technologies, including IoT digital twins, AI, blockchain, and other technologies, to co-create solutions around supply chain traceability, ESG monitoring and reporting, and more.

IT Decarbonization

Create insights to decarbonize IT operations across the ecosystem, including application, asset and energy efficiency, cloud migration strategy, IT architecture and data stewardship.

Process Decarbonization

Apply insights into energy consumption and GHG emissions across manufacturing processes and ecosystems and implement strategies to reduce your carbon footprint.

Facilities Decarbonization

Understand, control, and rationalize energy consumption and CO2 emissions from your facilities and buildings. This will reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, and create a competitive edge.

Meet Our Customers


“Using the power of data to improve irrigation management will reduce water use, improve environmental outcomes and ensure we maintain compliance …”

Wayne Parr

Nursery Director, Golden Grove


“The wider rollout of electric fleets is both essential for cleaning up toxic air quality and vital to the good growth of our city.”

Shirley Rodrigues

Deputy London Mayor of Environment and Energy


“Thanks to the Hitachi Vantara partnership, we now have a secure, agile and scalable cloud solution that will help us protect more rainforests around the world.”

Bourhan Yassin

COO, Rainforest Connection

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