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Customer Story

Set-Top-Box Development and Testing

  • Challenge

    This client is a direct satellite broadcast service provider based in US. They have millions of subscribers for News, Entertainment, Sports channels.

    • Needed test engineers to provide the automation from set-top-box development across various platforms to software development focusing on new features and optimizating existing products.
    • Maintain the software stack for various Set Top Box versions
    • Produce and release new versions of Set Top Boxes with enhanced and advanced features
    • Develop new tools and applications, and support end users
    • Develop mobile applications which augment the users experience with Set Top Boxes
  • Solution

    Hitachi supported th customer in new features development and maintenance for various Set Top Box models for USA and Latin America countries for over 10 years

    Major services included:

    • Embedded system development for Set Top Boxes covering from OS, middleware & application
    • Mobile applications as companion for TV Services
    • System testing (manual and automation)

    Technologies used:

    • Linux OS, Kernel, Device Driver, Boot Loader
    • Java, C/C++, JNI, Python
  • Outcome

    • Release new features to maintain and grow customer business
    • Shorten release cycle and continuously improve quality of services
    • Scale up team quickly to meet business demand.

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