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Abhishek Bajpayee

Abhishek Bajpayee

Sales Enablement Expert, Technical Sales Organization.

Abhishek is currently involved in consulting led Value Propositions & Sales Enablement activities for Business Transformations opportunities for clients across domains & across geographies.

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March 28, 2024

Asset and Wealth Managers are looking for new customer segments, improved risk controls and service providers that can be engaged to provide contextualized services for each customer. Investor demographics is changing with new personas of GenZ, Women, New rich and mass affluents. There are increasing challenges from niche players & fintechs and there is a increasing focus on sustainable investing practices. The implementation of new technology such as Gen AI, VR/AR, blockchain, advanced analytics is further driving the disruption for traditional AWM players.

Asset and Wealth Management (AWM) is a key market segment for Hitachi Digital Services, and we want to be the first choice for our AWM customers for their technology modernization programs. We have domain centric services/solutions and partnerships, combined with our engineering-led approach to products and services. We provide solutions that enables asset managers to make an informed decision by bringing real-time data of any asset class under management, contextualized with other data types such as financial data, investment data (including trading, holdings of corporate representatives, government representatives, and top asset managers), ESG data, any quantitative signals, volume orders, sentiment), IoT data (smart energy indicators, device intelligence), and more.

To meet rising AI and cloud demand, Hitachi Digital Services was formed recently from Hitachi Vantara and strives to offer a unified operating model for cloud, data, IoT and managed services, and to integrate digital capability with domain knowledge. Please read more about the reorganization here:

Please read out the detailed report about our capabilities here:

Hitachi Digital Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd., delivers intelligent data platforms, modern applications, and digital expertise that is supported by deep research and development capabilities. We have rich experience across the value chain in Banking, Capital markets, Payments & Insurance. Our comprehensive Digital Transformation portfolio of services is available in areas such as Customer Onboarding/ KYC, Advisor Engagement, Product Development, Customer 360, Compliance Management, Payments systems modernization, Risk & Compliance services & products & ESG initiatives. We bring technical excellence, engineering discipline and a delivery track record for our global customers. For more information on how Hitachi Digital Services can help Asset and Wealth Management institutions like yours enable a more personalized and contextualized experience for your customers or otherwise improve your cloud middle & backoffice operations, contact us or visit today.




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