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Hitachi Awarded “Innovation Partner of the Year” from Toyota

Sa’d Kanan

Sa’d Kanan

SVP, Global Lead Automotive at Hitachi Digital Services

Go To Market ‘GTM’ strategy and structure development and management, IIoT at both the strategy and operational execution levels. Expertise areas includes Digitalization, Corporate intelligence, Management of global business development teams, Practice development, Strategic planning, Business strategy, IT strategy, Enterprise Architecture, SOA, Cloud Computing, Agile and Iterative application development, Managed Services and Offshore application development, ecommerce and portals, ECM, and business development.

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March 29, 2024

Every now and then, it’s worth taking a moment to celebrate successes, which is why I’m extremely pleased to announce that Hitachi Vantara was recently recognized as a 2022 Innovation Partner of the Year by Toyota. We were recognized among more than 2,000 peers and presented the award at the Toyota North American’s Annual Supplier Conference last month.

This prestigious recognition is a testament to Hitachi’s decades-long partnership with Toyota and the groundbreaking solutions we’ve been able to create and co-create with the company across a variety of its business units.

Facing Digital Transformation Head-on

Known for automotive and industrial manufacturing expertise, respectively, Toyota and Hitachi Digital Services have embraced technology to delight customers with modern, innovative products, while improving operational efficiency and environmental stewardship.

When Hitachi first started working with Toyota North America in 1998, ‘digital transformation’ wasn’t even a concept, let alone a buzzword. Today, our team works closely with Toyota to provide  a variety of solutions that leverage cutting-edge technologies, including IoT, Cloud, machine learning, AI, and video intelligence.

With Toyota, we have focused on critical areas, such as business continuity, optimized factory operations, quality assurance, and customer experience. Together, we’ve been able to:

  • Deliver a ‘one-stop shop’ experience to customers providing comprehensive vehicle ownership and maintenance information across Toyota brands, which has helped revolutionize the way Toyota interacts with its valued customers;
  • Reduce outages and improve incident management through automation and operational excellence programs, which has bolstered Toyota’s operational stability and ensured seamless performance across various domains;
  • Spearhead modernization of legacy monolithic and end-of-life systems, which has streamlined crucial business processes and improved business continuity;
  • Boost energy savings and reduce downtime and safety incidents on the manufacturing lines, which has dramatically improved efficiencies across Toyota’s manufacturing landscape.

Combining our visionary thinking, groundbreaking technology, and a steadfast commitment to Toyota’s goals and vision, Hitachi Digital Services has solidified its position as a trusted partner and industry leader. As Toyota continues to push the boundaries of innovation, together we are creating remarkable transformations in the automotive landscape. Today, it is more crucial than ever to seek partners who understand your business and what it takes to succeed in the face of change.

Digital transformation is a team sport, and with Toyota, we have built a great team!

Sa’d Kanan is Senior Vice President and Global Lead Automotive at Hitachi Digital Services. 

As of Nov 1, 2023, Hitachi Digital Services spun off from Hitachi Vantara as an independent digital consultancy and technology company, as detailed in this Press Release.

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