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Unveiling Digital Transformation: Overhead Door's ERP Journey and Beyond

Unveiling Digital Transformation: Overhead Door's ERP Journey and Beyond

Bhusan Chand

Bhusan Chand

Senior Vice President, Global Enterprise Application Services

May 24, 2024

Embracing Change, Sustaining Legacy

Not every day do you hear a story of a century-old company redefining itself through digital transformation. But that’s precisely the narrative I encountered in a conversation that offered me a glimpse into an innovator’s technological renaissance.

I had the privilege of sitting down with Darren Browning, Senior Director of Application Development at Overhead Door Corporation, for a Fireside Chat. During our conversation, we explored more than just the technological advancements made by the company. We also discussed how Overhead Door managed to preserve its legacy while embracing innovation and moving forward.

The Genesis of Transformation

Overhead Door, a company synonymous with industry-first innovations like the original garage door and opener, was at a crossroads in 2009. The acquisition of its largest competitor brought to light the limitations of its legacy ERP systems. This realization led to a partnership with Hitachi Digital Services in 2012, igniting a strategic overhaul of its Oracle systems and setting the wheels in motion for digital modernization.

A Strategy of Prudence and Precision

Our conversation illuminated the strategic thought process behind their transformation. Overhead Door didn’t just adopt a new system; they embraced a global design blueprint, a roadmap guiding the deployment across varied business divisions. This blueprint was the cornerstone of a phased ERP rollout, with meticulous change management at its core. Coupled with the cultivation of a robust internal IT team and the support of global partners, they exemplified a masterclass in digital strategy execution.

Lessons Learned

Three key takeaways emerged from our discussion:

  • The Nuanced Approach to Acquisitions: Integrating multiple acquisitions with distinct business models into the Oracle ecosystem presented unique challenges but reinforced the need for robust performance and precision.

  • Strategic Implementations: Change management was a topic discussed throughout our journey. In 2015, we steered the shift toward Oracle’s HCM, a leap that unified employees across the globe under a streamlined HR and payroll system.

  • A Deliberate Path: The migration involved a cautious and phased approach to avoid operational disruptions, underlining the importance of stability during expansive system integrations.

Looking Forward with Optimism

There’s excitement about the potential of Business Intelligence and Gen AI to enhance customer service and guide future business decisions. Yet, cost considerations significantly influence technology adoption, with a continuous evaluation of on-premises and cloud solutions.

Conclusion: A Partnership for the Ages

I heartily thank Darren Browning for sharing the journey of Overhead Door and Hitachi Digital Services. It paints a picture of the partnership—a cornerstone of Overhead Door’s successes and a collaborative model many could learn from.

If anything mentioned above resonates with your experiences or ambitions, let’s connect and discuss how these insights could inform your organization’s path forward.

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