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Patrick Corcoran

Patrick Corcoran

Alliance Partnerships Strategy & Planning Executive

Remote (NY), United States

You’re in Charge of Driving Your Own Success

Part two of a two-part profile, read part one here.

Memorable Moments of My First Year

I’ve had many memorable moments since I joined, but there are two that really stand out for me. The first being invited to compete in an enterprise RFP for our Advisor Relations practice, it was a great opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities, tell our brand story and how we differ from our competitors. And the second was attending our leadership off-site earlier this year in Anaheim, it was a great chance to meet other leaders, demonstrate how we’ve built our Advisor Relations practice and connect with colleagues who have shown great support.

Driving Your Own Success 

Advisor Relations is a very niche role within the IT services world whereas marketing is a lot broader. But the important thing is that your function/role needs to be a part of indirect or direct revenue contribution. Whatever you need to do to get into the market for buyers to see the company you work for, then you must do it.
You can’t just sit back and rely on the marketeers, the technology bots, the search engine optimizers. All those things are important, but you must be the one who’s driving your own success.

Listening to Advice and Getting Some Balance

A long time ago a recruiter said to me “make sure you stay in the best shape you can as you go through life because it’s going to matter”.  He was absolutely right; in my role I travel a lot, I’m a front office person which demands a lot of energy and a big battery to stay focused and charged.
It’s important to have some balance, the lines often blur while we cope with work and life, as we’re always connected. But you have to focus and know when to keep your phone nearby and when to put it down.

I enjoy many hobbies outside of work, spending time with family, boating, visiting the south shore, Long Island but I’m also very passionate about my role with the knights of Colombus.
I recently got elected to be the Grand Knight of our Knights of Columbus Council, which is a charity organization. We provide an outlet to people who want to donate and are charitable. Almost every weekend we are involved in some sort of fundraiser, which helps balance work, and keeps my personal life going. 

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