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Building Trust in Data: The Essentials of Reliability Engineering

Read this Custom Market Research Report on The Essentials of Data Reliability Engineering by ISG to examine the potential of reliable data in terms of optimizing data management costs, supporting innovation, and fostering a data-driven culture that drives growth and success


ISG research supports the idea that enterprises across the market are struggling to keep up with modern data challenges. Regarding Data Reliability, ISG’s Research Shows that Enterprises are in Doubt.

While examining the role of data in the cloud, the survey showed that enterprises were not prioritizing their data needs despite data governance being regularly cited as a major challenge in the cloud.

  • 38% of respondents listed their ability to access, analyze, and act on data as low on the list of common drivers for cloud adoption.
  • 40% rated data governance as one of their top five challenges, with 16% rating it as their greatest challenge
  • 35% of respondents listed data ingress and egress as a cloud challenge.

Data Reliability Engineering can help combat the aforementioned data challenges. Enterprises can deliver tangible business outcomes by improving the reliability and quality of data.

Would you like to learn more about the tangible benefits you can achieve with Data Reliability Engineering services from Hitachi Digital Services?

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