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Intelligent Infrastructure Monitoring - Addressing Aging Infrastructure

“Addressing the Challenge of Aging Infrastructure in Utility Substations,” a detailed use case from Hitachi Digital Services, underscores the escalating challenges in maintaining aging critical infrastructure within the utility sector. Highlighting the limitations of traditional inspection methods, the document showcases how Hitachi’s Intelligent Infrastructure Monitoring solution, integrating advanced video analytics and smart camera technology, revolutionizes the inspection and maintenance processes. This technology allows for more frequent, proactive inspections, significantly enhancing system uptime and reducing operational costs. Emphasizing the need for smarter, more efficient approaches, this use case demonstrates how Hitachi’s solutions lead to improved customer satisfaction, better capital expenditure forecasting, and an overall reduction in maintenance expenses, thus paving the way for a future built on intelligent infrastructure.

NOTE: As of Nov 1, 2023, Hitachi Digital Services spun off from Hitachi Vantara as an independent digital consultancy and technology company, as detailed in this Press Release.

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