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Intelligent Infrastructure Monitoring - Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of field maintenance teams

In the this use case, “Intelligent Infrastructure Monitoring for Utility Substations and Maintenance Teams,” Hitachi Digital Services outlines the critical need for efficient and effective field maintenance in utility substations. Addressing the challenges posed by aging infrastructure, increasing demand, and a retiring workforce, the document highlights how Hitachi’s Intelligent Infrastructure Monitoring solution empowers utility companies. Utilizing advanced technologies like Hitachi Video Analytics and Smart Cameras, the solution allows for virtual monitoring of critical equipment, drastically reducing operational costs and response times. This innovative approach enables more frequent inspections, proactive maintenance, and an overall enhancement in operational efficiency and safety, shaping the future of infrastructure management in the utility sector.

NOTE: As of Nov 1, 2023, Hitachi Digital Services spun off from Hitachi Vantara as an independent digital consultancy and technology company, as detailed in this Press Release.

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