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Solution Brief: Smart City Operational Intelligence for Smarter Communities

Explore the transformative potential of Hitachi’s “Smart City Operational Intelligence for Smarter Communities” in this insightful solution brief. Delve into how Hitachi Video Analytics, coupled with cutting-edge technology like 3D LiDAR Sensors, reshapes urban environments. Learn how this solution elevates public safety, optimizes traffic flow, and redefines retail experiences through detailed analytics and intelligent monitoring. This document is a must-read for cities and local government bodies, enterprises, and any organization aiming to foster smarter, safer, and more efficient communities, leveraging data to unlock a myriad of operational benefits and drive economic growth.

NOTE: As of Nov 1, 2023, Hitachi Digital Services spun off from Hitachi Vantara as an independent digital consultancy and technology company, as detailed in this Press Release.

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