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Move from Conceptualization to Execution

Revolutionize your business by merging human creativity with AI across the enterprise to accelerate decision-making, spark innovation, and reveal new opportunities.

Seize the AI Opportunity. The Moment is Now.

Accelerate human decision-making and streamline automation with our renowned Co-Create approach. Capitalize on our AI and machine learning expertise to develop innovative solutions that revolutionize your business operations. With Hitachi Digital Services by your side, gain a competitive edge while effectively mitigating potential risks. Address your daily use cases by swiftly designing and integrating AI into everyday workflows.

Integrate AI Everywhere

Leverage end-to-end enterprise AI services for transformative business outcomes.

Propel AI Adoption with AI Advisory Services

Maximize impact by prioritizing business cases. Drive AI adoption by prioritizing business cases focusing on ROI, ethical practices, and transparency. Select the most promising use cases based on potential returns and stakeholder needs. 

Build Intelligent Applications with AI Application Services

Step into the future of AI innovation. Elevate AI projects with our AI Application Services, covering everything from model development to lifecycle management. Embrace cutting-edge applications like Prompt Engineering and AI Bots.

Optimize SDLC with AI Software Engineering Services

Unlock new levels of agility. Integrate AI throughout the software development lifecycle, from initial analysis and story creation to coding and deployment. Leverage powerful LLMs to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Extend AI Capabilities with AI Data Science Services

Operationalize AI/ML and Data. Streamline the entire ML lifecycle from development to maintenance. Rapidly create, test, deploy, and monitor AI/ML models to tackle real-world challenges efficiently. Add significant customer value.


Adopt AI at Scale with Responsible AI Services

Thrive in Harmony. Prioritize responsibility, transparency, and ethical AI practices from design to deployment. Embed policies into business rules and reporting. Plus, use ethics and security to mitigate risks and create systems of value for all.


Accelerate time to value with HARC for AI

Discover how AI can merge performance, ethics, and eco-friendliness. Use the Hitachi Application Reliability Center (HARC) for AI to cost-effectively improve AI performance, track query latency, and handle model health, bias, and drift.


The Expert Opinion

Hear From the Experts

Thinking of integrating AI and LLMs into your business? Check out the resources below to deepen your understanding of various approaches, models, and real-world applications. Use these insights to make informed decisions about adopting and utilizing AI and LLM technologies effectively in your business landscape.

Intriguing Dialogue on Gen AI

Listen to the discussion between Prem Balasubramanium – Chief Technology Officer, and Chandra Ganapathy – Chief Architect, about Unlocking Business Potential with Generative AI and Large Language Models.

Decoding Gen AI

Hear a roundtable discussion between ISG Chief Strategy Officer Prashant Kelker and Hitachi experts. Explore the potential of GenAI in business, implementation challenges, data governance, and scaling AI solutions for enterprise value.

AI-Driven Excellence

Hitachi’s Application Reliability Centers (HARC) elevate Cloud Health by harnessing AI-based intellectual property. AI-powered tools provide insights into cloud service health, automate troubleshooting, and refine remediation processes.

Use Cases


Revolutionizing Transportation

Boost uptime and customer satisfaction by transforming fleet maintenance workflows. Stay one step ahead with AI-driven predictive maintenance.


Catalyzing Change for Industrial Manufacturing

Enhance operational performance by pinpointing factors affecting quality, identifying critical failures in infrastructure and reducing human errors.


Optimize Mining and Chemical Operations

Harness the power of advanced AI models tailored to predict the health and longevity of your critical assets, streamline processes and improving safety.


Break New Ground for Agriculture

Employ advanced ML techniques to increase forecasting accuracy by pinpointing on factors that impact demand.


AI-Driven Route Optimization for Logistic Companies

Harness live environmental data to enhance voyage planning to improve fuel efficiency, adaptive demand management, and strategic dynamic pricing.


Premkumar Balasubramanian

Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President


Your strategic focus should always be to engineer your cloud for the outcomes you want.

Watch the Interview

Rajesh Rajappan

Head of Strategy


Rajesh has been with Hitachi for about 3 years and is responsible for defining strategy and executing for profitable growth across global markets for Hitachi Digital Services with. He is a seasoned executive and has a strong track record of growing and managing businesses, service delivery, and building global teams.


Rajesh brings over 25 years of experience in the technology services industry serving. He has a deep understanding of applying technology innovations to evolving business needs across the enterprise value chain.  Before joining Hitachi, Rajesh was a Managing Director at Deloitte serving customers in the role of a lead partner including managing customer relationships, delivering services with cross functional teams with globally distributed teams and helping to build technology strategies for customers.  Prior to Deloitte, Rajesh was at Cognizant for 20 years in various technology and industry leadership roles including incubation of new business lines, developing market strategies, building high performing teams across geographies, industry partnerships, P&L management, and driving business growth.


As a believer in the power of technology, he is committed to further Hitachi’s vision of delivering innovation to address societal challenges.