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Mastering cloud: cost, agility, quality.

Mastering cloud: cost, agility, quality.

You’ve invested in on-demand cloud consumption, so you should be cutting costs. But it’s not always straightforward. Without good enterprise visibility and the ability to accurately forecast your consumption of cloud services, you may well find costs quickly spiral out of control.

Discover how a cloud FinOps cross-functional approach can help you strike the right balance between cost, agility and quality.

Address cloud complexity, optimize resources, increase your skillsets, lower your total cost of ownership, and maximize the value of your cloud investments through a more granular view of your cloud costs and needs.

Balancing cloud costs and business goals with FinOps.

The latest in-depth Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Report asks why so many enterprises struggle to keep a handle on cloud costs. It includes opinions and insights from leading FinOps analysts and the FinOps Foundation. Plus it offers practical guidance based on a detailed survey of over 260 executives who are familiar with their organization’s cloud adoption.

These expert recommendations will help you create your own culture of total cost optimization.

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Many enterprises struggle to properly manage cloud costs...they miscalculate their cloud needs and how best to optimize resources.

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Briefing Paper: Balancing cloud costs and business goals with FinOps

What do enterprises expect from cloud?


Increased agility


Cost reductions

Why FinOps?

Take the complexity out of controlling your cloud spend, across public, private or hybrid cloud. Bring tech, ops & finance teams around one table. And align all costs to specific business goals – even across multiple cloud service providers:

Prioritizing cloud – how soon do you start?

Organizations everywhere report they’re moving their applications to cloud as a matter of priority*


Say cloud is very or extremely important for future strategy and growth


Say at least 40% of infrastructure and apps will be in the cloud by 2022


Seek increased business agility from cloud investments

Balancing cloud costs and business goals with FinOps.

  • Take the complexity out of controlling
    public, private and hybrid cloud costs
  • Align costs to business goals
  • Drive cloud value by better balancing
    costs, speed, and quality
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Harvard Business Review Analytic Services webinar: Balancing Cloud Costs and Business Goals With FinOps.

Looking for guidance on how to implement a practical cost-management approach to cloud, using FinOps? In this interactive webinar, experts from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services and Hitachi Vantara share their insights on cloud adoption, and the value of FinOps. Learn how you can use FinOps to overcome the biggest challenges of cloud, and maximize the value.


Krishnaprasath Hari

Krishnaprasath leads the Global Cloud Engineering Practice at Hitachi Vantara. He brings over 20 years’ experience in Cloud & Infrastructure Services Delivery and Transformation to the role, and is passionate about designing, transforming and delivering business-oriented IT functions through Cloud, DevSecOps, AIOps and SRE.

He’s helped to deliver successful enterprise cloud transformation programmes in sectors including Media, Telecom and Manufacturing, in the US, APAC and EMEA.

Vice President, Cloud Engineering Hitachi Vantara

Krishnaprasath Hari
Continue your journey to modernization.

Continue your journey to modernization.

Whichever way you choose to do it, cloud and application modernization is the way to go. Now you’ve started the adventure towards a high performing digital core, you’re closer than ever to continuous innovation.

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