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Helen Bonnett

Helen Bonnett

Senior Service Manager

London, United Kingdom

The Woman of Hitachi initiative is a great way to acknowledge women in IT and it also allows me to grow my network.

My journey into technology and current role at Hitachi

I started my IT career working on a ServiceDesk and got offered an opportunity to go into a sales operation’s role. This allowed me to work on projects and provide general sales support to the sales team. I then transitioned into a Quality Assurance role where I provided support and guidance to bid teams across Europe going through a standard governance framework. As part of my career development, I was introduced to a Service Director who explained the role of a Service Manager and I took on my first Service Delivery Manager role looking after a European public sector organization.

I currently work as a Senior Service Manager within the Healthcare sector. I have been with Hitachi for over 5 years. In my role I am accountable to ensure the service is running smoothly, adhering to contract and ensuring high-quality and customer satisfaction. Prior to joining Hitachi, I worked as a Service Manager for other IT companies looking after public sector clients. Being a Service Manager means I have to be proactive, organized and multi-task on-the-go. You also should be up for taking on new challenges.

Being a people manager and serving our business and clients

I operationally support over 20 people on our account, but I have line management responsibility for 5 people. My team would describe me as helpful, passionate, and as someone who is always willing to help and support. I think it’s important to be available and approachable to your team, so I always make the time to have regular check-ins and coffee catch ups. It’s good to be available to your teams, and provide support and guidance as

Our account is based in healthcare, and we provide application management and development services for an application that essentially supports most parts of the UK. Therefore, people working on our account have a sense of fulfilment that we are benefiting everyone around us and making a huge difference to their health and well-being. Our account is also considered as a strategic account within Hitachi Digital Services.

Being a woman in technology

As a single mum of two children, I think it’s important that companies support women to progress in their career. Hitachi has allowed me to juggle both by providing the opportunity to work flexibly. By working 4 days a week, I am able to be a dedicated mum as well as focus on my career. The Woman of Hitachi initiative is a great way to acknowledge women in IT and it also allows me to grow my network.

What I love about working at Hitachi

The most enjoyable part of my job is being in a high performing team. I personally have been recognized with a Top Performer Award in November 2023 for my efforts within the Healthcare team. As a management, I believe it’s important to recognize and reward team members and hence we introduced an ‘Employee of the Quarter’ award. My team is one of the best I have ever worked with so regardless of the challenges that we may have on a day-to-day basis, we work together with a smile to get through them.

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