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Mehdi H. Choudhury

Mehdi H. Choudhury

Senior Employer Branding Specialist

Bangalore, India

Hitachi’s commitment to sustainability and proactiveness to support clients as a social responsibility makes me excited about the future

Tell us about your role and scope of work at Hitachi

I am a Senior Employer Branding Specialist and broadly speaking, my current scope of work is to support the Global Employer Branding Leader in building the foundations of our talent brand positioning us top employer across all the markets where we operate. 

While I am based in India, my role is global and focused on our global markets and objectives. My team and I support our Talent Acquisition function across regions; however, being on the ground in India, I do provide focused support to our India TA objectives. 

What attracted you to Hitachi?

Hitachi is an attractive employer for anyone who is passionate about innovation, making an impact, and thinks for the future – both in terms of personal and organizational growth. As someone with a background in employer branding and brand communications, the aspect that attracted me the most was the Japanese-American corporate culture. There aren’t many other organizations so rooted in history and Japanese values and combine western corporate elements and way of doing things.

Apart from this, Hitachi is a global technology company with focus on data-driven industries and offers a wide range of futuristic solutions and services. It may sound cliché but ‘it is at the forefront of innovation in the data storage and analytics industry and is constantly developing new products to help organizations manage and utilize their data effectively’. For someone working in the talent industry and aims to help great talent meet futuristic work – this is the place to be.

Describe your experience of the first 6 months.

The first 6 months in any new job can be both exciting and challenging, and I can confidently say it has been excitingly challenging here. A lot of it because of the people I work with – I collaborate with many different business areas and teams – so we can understand our positioning and challenges as an employer in each market.

As a business, we are strengthening our present but working towards the future, and we need top talent for our lofty aims. What can help us attract top talent – an authentic employer brand that connects and helps them find transformational work that they’d want to do.

And it’s not so straightforward – from finding people who’d want to share their experiences to deciphering meaning in simple data, excel reports, and social numbers, there are a lot of steps where we must be precise in execution.

What are you looking forward to in the future?

I would encourage anybody interested in knowing about Hitachi to learn about our work in Defending the Rainforest with AI project or what we have done for Sustainable Farming in Australia – these are not just one-off projects. The fact that Hitachi is committed to sustainability and actively looks to support clients as a social responsibility makes me excited about the future.

As I mentioned earlier, for great work we will need great talent – and a lot of that will have a correlation with the work I and our team are doing. So, I am looking forward to a lot of exciting projects that will shape our employer brand, bring out the best of the best experiences from our employees, and convey what makes it a great place to work. 

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