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Neella Dheekshita

Neella Dheekshita

IT Infrastructure Systems Administrator - Associate

Hyderabad, India

The best thing about working in Hitachi is its importance on values, which makes it one of a kind.

Being a New College Graduate at Hitachi

It’s been 8 months since I’ve joined, I initially joined as an Intern then became an Associate in the Core Infrastructure Services Team. I was nervous about working at a Tech firm, but the dedicated training from experienced professionals at has given me the confidence I needed. I’ve trained on many technologies: Linux; Python; Virtualization; Storage; Network; completed my Brocade SAN Administrator Certification Management and I’m now moving forward on VMware, getting my Python Basics and Advanced certified too. 

My team includes me in all the projects and activities – Automations, Data Center activities, which I feel is a great opportunity for me to learn. I shadow my team members when they’re working, and they’re supportive about it as well and are always up for assisting me. Within months of joining, I had a clear understanding of the work, and I even built a real-time project in python, Automation of Server Vulnerability Report Generation, which is now very helpful for my team members as it minimizes manual work and errors. 

My future 

I have many opportunities to learn, which is highly encouraged here, and got the chance to work on live projects, which is again a huge opportunity to take my career further. 

The work environment is very healthy. I feel included, supported, and people respect each other’s views and ideas. I like that I get to connect one-on-one with leaders, and they get to learn about my experience and give feedback. I also love the sustainability initiatives at our campus.  

Apart of these, we have fun events every month and cultural events occasionally, where I get to relax and bond with my peers.  

Your My Advice to New College Graduates 

The best thing about working here is its importance on values, which makes it one of a kind. Employees here feel valued, included, and respected. With its emphasis on cultural, huge opportunities for learning and growth, flexible working hours, facilities and benefits for employees, and focus on work-life balance, I think Hitachi is a great place to work. 

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An inclusive culture has always been intrinsic to Hitachi, which fosters self-authenticity. And I just love working in the team I am in

Bridie Arumugam

Client Partner, Sales FSI

London, United Kingdom

It is an awesome feeling when you find the perfect role for you, and I find it amazing that Hitachi is able and willing to let its employees grow through different roles

Anna Pietrucha

Global IT Service Desk EMEA, Manager

Krakow, Poland

Hitachi projects often have genuine societal impact, and we are set apart from other large organizations, especially because of our IOT, technology and innovation focused business

Kirsten Anderson

Director Consulting Services

London, United Kingdom