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Nick Rowley

Nick Rowley

Consulting Global Ops Lead, Director

London, United Kingdom

I enjoy working with colleagues and clients to deliver innovative solutions that deliver business goals

Delivering innovative solutions to meet our client’s challenges

With an extensive background in business change, I always have a focus on the users and adoption, whether it be a new operating model, new business models or new technology solutions.  

For any change to succeed it needs to be understood, accepted and adopted, so people are always at the center of my client work.

My current assignment is working with a provider of stone crushing equipment for mining and construction. Their goal is to offer customers real-time insights on operations predicting failures. This will open new revenue streams for our client as well as providing operational value to their end customers. 

My time at Hitachi

I joined Hitachi 10 years ago and have been involved in a variety of projects and initiatives. As a Delivery Director, I enjoy working with colleagues and clients to deliver innovative solutions that deliver business goals. No engagement has been the same.

In my time here, I’ve held a number of leadership roles including Business Change Capability lead and EMEA Consulting lead. These roles have provided the opportunity to develop skills in leadership and people management as well as building my understanding of how to develop and grow a Consulting Business.

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Patrick Corcoran

Alliance Partnerships Strategy & Planning Executive

Remote (NY), United States

Our client work at Hitachi contributes to the development and wellbeing of society, which has really impressed me

Judit Mester

Change Manager

London, United Kingdom

It is an awesome feeling when you find the perfect role for you, and I find it amazing that Hitachi is able and willing to let its employees grow through different roles

Anna Pietrucha

Global IT Service Desk EMEA, Manager

Krakow, Poland