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Tyler Wright

Tyler Wright

Senior DevSecOps Engineer

Waltham, United States

If an organization does not approach mental health with kindness and understanding, then I do not wish to be a part of it

Tell us about yourself and your current role at Hitachi Vantara

I am a Senior DevSecOps Engineer at Hitachi Vantara. I manage the Waltham, MA data center where our engineers build and test our data storage products.

I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Networking and Systems Administration from The Rochester Institute of Technology. I’ve been with Hitachi Vantara (previously, Hitachi Data Systems) since before graduating. In 2014, I was a DevOps Engineering Intern working out of the Waltham office. After I returned to RIT to finish my studies, Hitachi kept in touch and was interested in hiring me as a permanent member of the team.

I am also the Americas Lead for Hitachi Vantara’s LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group, Rainbow Connection. My goal is to promote positivity and diversity in whatever way I can.

LGBTQ+ network promoting discussions around mental health

Historically, LGBTQ+ individuals have been acknowledged for their contribution in community building and playing crucial roles in society. Today, LGBTQ+ individuals view the world differently than cisgender and heterosexual people. While growing up, we experience fear and struggle and adapt to survive. But along the way, we learn about the struggles of our fellow community members and learn kindness and understanding from each other.

A LGBTQ+ network can facilitate discussions around mental health in the workplace by sharing personal experiences. This fosters an environment of openness where everyone, including employees who do not identify as LGBTQ+, can ask questions and express themselves. Additionally, an employee may have a relative that identifies as LGBTQ+, such as a child, and having a coworker to confide in could be beneficial for their family.

Importance of work-life balance in encouraging mental health

Achieving good work-life balance is critical for our mental health. Lack of mental wellness can impact our quality of work as well as the quality of life that we are striving for. It is essential to acknowledge that our careers should not dictate our lives, and we must prioritize our holistic well-being before anything else.

The best way to achieve this balance is by taking time off when needed, regardless of deadlines, meetings, or product launches. It is important to meet regularly with your manager to discuss taking time off and preventing frequent burnouts.

Taking care of your mental health

I struggle with anxiety and depression, both of which are exacerbated by stress. To manage my mental health, I prefer to work at my own pace and take regular breaks.

Since the pandemic, working from home has become more feasible. I prioritize getting enough sleep and taking breaks to cuddle with my cats, run errands or do household chores. However, I ensure to complete my work tasks within the deadline and in fact, I have noticed that I produce higher quality work when I am in a better mental state. Working according to my schedule has been immensely helpful for my mental health.

I also stay in touch with my network of friends and family. And my team at work is like a second family to me. They keep track of my well-being and are very supportive.

Hitachi Vantara’s initiatives in supporting good mental health

We prioritize the health of our employees by providing great benefits. Recently, we added ‘Included Health’ as a benefit for our United States employees. This benefit provides access to healthcare professionals who can provide affirming care and a safe space to any patient, not just those from the LGBTQ+ community. We offer many benefits to ensure our employees can access care safely and comfortably.

Hitachi Vantara also hosts regular sessions on mental health topics. All employees attend these to learn about supporting each other and ensuring a safe space for addressing mental health concerns. People managers also regularly connect with their direct reports to check in and help, whenever needed. We encourage team members to share anything that’s going on in their lives if they want to.

I’d encourage people to support one another at work. Everyone faces challenges, and everyone needs someone to help them or lean on. For too long, employees have been told to keep their personal lives separate from work, but that approach isn’t effective or healthy for many of us.

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I’ve learned that when a person feels safe enough to ‘come out’, to live their lives authentically, they are much happier and more productive.

Teri Albert

DIBU Quality & Program Excellence Global Lead, LGBT+ Employee Resource Group, Quality Engineer

Dallas, United States

The best thing about working in Hitachi is its importance on values, which makes it one of a kind.

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IT Infrastructure Systems Administrator - Associate

Hyderabad, India