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Vera Almeida

Vera Almeida

Product Owner

Lisbon, Portugal

I feel fortunate to work in a respectful work environment, which is professional yet has an informal vibe

My Role

I’m responsible for keeping my agile team productive and contributing with value increments to our products, which means ensuring that they have a well-defined and prioritized backlog to pick work items from. Although there is currently a physical distance, I feel connected and in constant contact with everyone virtually. I connect and work with my team and every other contributor to the product we work on – other POs, architects, user interface designers, devOps, product management, and organizational management. I have the chance to collaborate with various teams across the organization to deliver top work.

A day in my life

My morning starts with the team’s daily meeting, the first 15 minutes are reserved for small talk, just to wake up and set a good mood for the day. These informal spaces are extremely important when we are all working remotely; they help people feel more closely connected. We sync up on the current work and are ready to start the day aligned with each other. 

Though I have several meetings scheduled every day with people around the world, I have autonomy to manage my remaining activities and have them conciliated with my personal needs, which is something I truly treasure. I feel fortunate to work in a respectful work environment, which is professional yet has an informal vibe, alongside talented people that makes my Hitachi journey more enjoyable.

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I’ve learned that when a person feels safe enough to ‘come out’, to live their lives authentically, they are much happier and more productive.

Teri Albert

DIBU Quality & Program Excellence Global Lead, LGBT+ Employee Resource Group, Quality Engineer

Dallas, United States

I love Hitachi where the voice of employees is respected, both people and client is at the forefront and quality is the priority

Binh Diep Cam Le

Director, Head of Resource Management Group & Quality Project Management

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

It is an awesome feeling when you find the perfect role for you, and I find it amazing that Hitachi is able and willing to let its employees grow through different roles

Anna Pietrucha

Global IT Service Desk EMEA, Manager

Krakow, Poland