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The City of Moreno Valley Boosts Public Safety, Traffic Efficiencies and Situational Awareness With Hitachi Visualization

City of Moreno Valley Innovates to Improve Public Safety

Hitachi Delivered Social Innovation in Moreno Valley by collaborating with the City to implement a public safety and traffic management solution. This co-creation approach resulted in the ability of the customer to leverage the public safety and camera system as a foundation to address traffic incidents.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Cohesive investigation of 800 incidents in two years since implementation.
  • Multiple jurisdictional collaboration and information sharing.
  • Real-time visibility of multiple information systems.
  • Public and private partnerships for the greater good.
  • Accelerated proactive response and situational awareness.
  • Highly scalable software and hardware.


Moreno Valley is bordered by hilly terrain, freeways and a military air base. These presented complex challenges for the city as it pursued a community-wide camera system to improve public safety. The municipality partnered with Hitachi and numerous public and private entities to build an innovative, effective and very popular video ecosystem. Moreno Valley now delivers better traffic flow through city intersections, faster and more accurate emergency response, and greater situational awareness at the scene.

The City of Moreno Valley fulfills its motto of “People, Pride and Progress.” Since its incorporation in 1984, Moreno Valley is among California’s fastest growing cities, due in part to impressive quality-of-life amenities, good schools and affordable, family-centric housing options. The city has more than 200,000 residents within its more than 50 square miles, with 38 parks, 6,000 acres of recreational open space, and two public school districts.

Recently recognized for innovation in traffic safety by national and state law enforcement, the City of Moreno Valley continues to find ways to improve. Even when faced with extraordinary fiscal challenges, the city focused on building a community-wide video platform rivaling those of much larger, much older cities around the country.

“We were looking for an innovative way to enhance the effectiveness of our police force during a period of budget cuts. The technical complexity of capturing high-definition video from anywhere in a geographically diverse city and streaming it back to the police department viewing room so that it is stored and available to multiple users, including citizens, makes for a very sophisticated challenge,” explains Steve Hargis, technology services division manager for the City of Moreno Valley.

We have become a safer and smarter city through the use of Hitachi Visualization. We are safer because of the number of incidents we are able to investigate, the clarity that we’re able to gain on events happening in our city, and the leads that we generate that we would not have otherwise.

Steve Hargis
Technology Services Division Manager, City of Moreno Valley

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