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Smart Power and Utilities

Empower Energy Excellence with Hitachi Smart Spaces: Unleashing the Potential of Video Intelligence for Enhanced Operations, Safety Assurance, and Unmatched Productivity in the Power and Utility Sector.

Smart Power and Utilities
Intelligent Monitoring: Hitachi's Blueprint for Utility Excellence

Intelligent Monitoring: Hitachi's Blueprint for Utility Excellence

Explore how Hitachi’s Intelligent Infrastructure Monitoring Solution is transforming utility substations, ensuring safety, increasing resilience, and driving operational efficiency. This comprehensive approach integrates advanced analytics, IoT technologies, and video intelligence to offer real-time insights and predictive maintenance, setting a new standard for the modern substation.

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Analytics In Motion


Reduce Downtime

Experience up to 30% reduction in infrastructure downtime through predictive maintenance enabled by video intelligence.


Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Achieve operational efficiency gains of up to 25% by optimizing facility team operations through smart space solutions


Operational Insights

Gain actionable insights into operations, leading to a ~20% increase in decision-making accuracy and effectiveness.

Enhance Your Maintenance Processes with Powerful and Proven Technology

Reduce the Risk of System Downtime

Detect defects and possible areas of concern quickly with automated data analysis and alert generation. Gain greater transparency into all assets, gauges, and other critical infrastructure remotely.

Save on Your Operational Cost

Inspect critical infrastructure and equipment remotely, reducing travel times and risk of system downtime. Monitor operations at will, from real-time and historical data to determine asset health and safety-critical situational analysis.

Optimize your fleet resources

Prioritize workforce deployments across multiple locations. Identify risks proactively and assess health and safety situations in advance, with ample planning time. Integrate with Field Service Management tools to equip workers with mobile-friendly tools.

Schedule a Smart Visioning Session

Schedule a Smart Visioning Session

Reserve a session with a Smart Spaces expert and discover the possibilities of video intelligence in your space

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